Why Joli Sous?

Every woman’s body is different. Thank goodness! We all have different preferences, different body types and different versions of “comfortable.”

For the most part, the makers of UI pads and sanitary napkins did a wonderful job addressing protection and slippage. Unfortunately, the underwear manufacturers aren’t as worried about function with their various panties – especially the ones that make you feel sexy!

JoliSous was born to address the need of keeping panties pretty AND adding comfort and function. Our panty is wide enough the support the pad and they include a pocket to keep the pad secure. This proprietary product helps keep the pad flat so that it will function optimally. The pocket will also reduce the number of times you need to change a pad – helping you save money. The pocket is discreet; invisible from the outside of the garment. Only you know you are wearing a pad or liner.

JoliSous will give you the confidence you need to get through the day no matter what activity you are involved with; working, outdoor active, or athlete. You will be JoliSous!

Women Who Wear JoliSous Panties:

  • Experience light bladder leaks
  • Experience leaks when laughing, sneezing, walking or exercising
  • Wear panty liners for “just in case” moments
  • Feel confident every day of the month!

New moms also love JoliSous. JoliSous is the solution for stylish women with mild to moderate urinary incontinence.

  • Protect against light bladder leakage
  • Hold sanitary napkins in place
  • Are Discreet, Comfortable & Supportive